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Workshop | K8ssandra Certification Preparation

Join this special workshop to prepare for a certification exam for K8ssandra

The DataStax Certification for K8ssandra is the perfect way to learn how to run and deploy Apache Cassandra™ in Kubernetes environment - and it is a BRAND NEW certification! Join us as we show you the certification process and how to prepare for the exam.

What we will cover

  • The content we recommend to prepare for the exams

  • How to register for the exam and how to access the online portal

  • What is required for exam: your ID, a camera, good bandwidth and what to expect

  • Using MENTIMETER, we will do a dry run of the exam with 15 questions to answer in 90 minutes. NOTE: This is not the real exam

  • We will also provide you with additional resources and reading that will help you prepare

  • Attend LIVE and receive a voucher to sit the exam for FREE.

For details and register for FREE, click on the link below:

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