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Introduce yourself

Welcome everyone, please take the time to introduce yourself to your peers and fellow developers.

Let me kick it off, my name is Séan and I am here to help out everyone with questions, needs and wishes for K8ssandra.

I am looking forward to seeing you all have fun, learn and consume all the content we will continue to provide for you.
What I am also looking forward too is to see how you all take this Open Source project and drive it to new heights with your amazing contributions and stories of how you are using K8ssandra to make your life easier.

Once more welcome all and please leave a message on the forum to introduce yourself.


Hello! My name is Steven Matison and I am a Data Architect at Datastax.

I have been working with, learning, testing, and supporting enterprises with production implementations of k8ssandra. I have also been building multi-cloud applications which I can deploy on k8ssandra using cassandra with stargate api.

Check out my profile link for direct access to my k8ssandra content.

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Hi Steven, glad to see you on here, welcome and I am excited to see your k8ssandra content and what else you are going to create moving forward!

Hello :wave:t4:, I am an Apache Cassandra and of course, a K8ssandra learner who love these technologies and what roles these play into everyone’s life built by almost 90% of the planet’s top companies.

I work with enterprises in defining their architecture strategy and building cloud-native & hybrid applications that transform their businesses and helps their customers.

Looking forward to learning this wonderful open source project & incorporating into real life projects!

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Welcome ck8s, good to have you here with us.

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Hi everyone! I’m a longtime Cassandra aficionado who is just getting into Kubernetes. I love to hear stories of how people are succeeding with this technology, and what challenges you’ve encountered.


Good to have you here with us Jeff!

Hi, I am Arman.
I am working as DevOps engineer. My work is to help to build infrastructures, I like everything new so Right now I am working on setup k8ssandra in our AWS EKS infrastructure.


Welcome, @armanBaghajyan ! Good to have you here. Let us know if you have any questions. Cheers! :beers:

Welcome to the community Arman

Hi, my name is Hanno. I am interested in using k8ssandra for my private project.
I am a software developer with additional experience in cloud and container technologies.


Welcome @Hanno_Scharwaechter ! As a developer, I think you’ll like Stargate.io which is included in K8ssandra. Let us know if you have any questions. Cheers! :beers:

Welcome Hanno, good to have you here with us!

Hi Everyone, Myself Ranjeet Ranjan and I am here to learn and discuss more about Cassandra.


Hi everyone, my name is Boyong. I am here to learn how to deploy Cassandra with K8s in a production environment.


Welcome Ranjeet & Boyong, very happy to have you here with us!

Thanks you for warm welcoming.
Actually I have a question. I have set up k8ssandra cluster with all components and now want to run scheduled backups. I am using k8ssandra/backup helm and want to run something like crone job to backup cluster. is there any way to do that.

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@armanBaghajyan feel free to post a question in #help. Cheers! :beers:

Hello everyone!
I am Avinash from Bengaluru, India. I have just started my career as a DevOps Engineer at Deloitte and looking forward to more learnings from the community.
I have been following Datastax and Apache Cassandra for almost an year now and looking to get certified as an adminstrator soon. I’m fairly new to k8s as well and wanna learn more about k8ssandra! This is very exciting to be here.

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Welcome Avinash, glad to have you here with us!

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