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K8ssandra Learning Series & Certification Program

One of our partners has created a whole bunch of amazing content for us to consume including training and especially certification.
We want to take this opportunity to share some details on everything available to the community as well as offering you the chance to get certified!

First things first, some information about the resources.

Apache Cassandra Operations In Kubernetes Learning Series

In preparation for taking the certification exam, we have created a set of lessons in this Learning Series which contains all the information required to pass the exam. Each lesson comes complete with Kubernetes and Docker fundamentals workshop videos, DataStax product documentation, and hands-on exercises to reinforce course content. These courses assume you have a basic knowledge of CQL, Data Modeling, and Query optimization.

The K8ssandra Certification is designed to up-level your DBA know-how to SRE skills. The topics covered in this exam include Docker, basic Kubernetes constructs, Sidecar, secrets, port-forwarding, helm, ingress, storage, Reaper repair, Medusa backup, K8ssandra, the cass-operator, Prometheus metrics collection, and Grafana metrics display.

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With these resources being available for everyone who is interested in K8ssandra, Apache Cassandraâ„¢ on Kubernetes, it is the first step to your next adventure.

Get yourself certified TODAY!