Introduce yourself

Good morning/afternoon/evening,
I am Ken. My very first forum of any kind. Leaning K8ssandra, very excited, and hope to share knowledge and fun along the way.

Greetings, I’m Phil Miesle, a Solution Architect at DataStax based in Ireland.

Greetings, I am Hao, a database engineer in Beijing. I work on ETL tools like spark and also cassandra database, currently learning k8ssandra deployment.

Hello! We’ve just migrated to k8ssandra from our EC2 cluster. Prior to this we were running Cassandra for nearly 10 years. Excited to move forwards with Kubernetes.

Everything is going great so far, but I’m a little bit confused about how to run some of the cassandra tools that require cassandra to no be running, such as sstablerepairedset. When the Java process is killed, the pod restarts it :thinking:

Hello all. My name is Darren. I’m an engineer/architect/corporation owner who has worked in software and hardware as a consultant for about 28 years. I’m currently developing a software solution that has been stored away as a prototype for several years that will be the basis of a startup. Assessment of the data layer led me to choosing Cassandra as a replacement for the current MongoDB database to better handle the load. Because I plan to deploy the solution via k8s, I decided to try k8ssandra first.

Hello My name is dongsun sin, and I am interested in using k8ssandra for my project. I am a sw developer and interested in moving cassandra statefulset to k8ssandra.

Starting the journey of managing Cassandra deployment to K8ssandra. Should be interesting.


Trying to start some clusters of k8ssandra between differents dcs.



My name is Jonathon. I am an SRE and I’m looking to deploy K8ssandra-operator in my company’s environments to migrate away from baremetal Cassandra. Everything is going well, but I’m hitting some issues upgrading to 1.5.0 (hence this account, will create a question in the help section when I can!).


Hi everyone!

I’m Raphy learning as much as possible about how to use k8ssandra with JanusGraph

Hello everyone. new to Docker, Kubernetes, Cassandra, and by extension k8ssandra. Just looking to learn and get some help to speed up the process!


I’m here to learn as much as possible about how to correctly deploy K8ssandra clusters

Sangeeth here .Nice to meet you all .Love to see so many users who want to do statefull database in k8

Hello Everyone!! My name is Vardhman. I am a software developer. I am here to learn deployment of cassandra in k8 cluster ie k8ssandra.

Hi. I am a newbie Kubernetes enthusiast.

Hi everyone ! I’am a software engineer intern, started learning recently about Cassandra and K8ssandra

Hello everyone!
I am Okan from Frankfurt, Germany. I have just started my career as a DevOps Engineer at DB and looking forward to more learnings from the community.
I have been following Datastax and Apache Cassandra for almost an year now and started to deploy k8ssandra on our test. I’m fairly new to k8s as well and wanna learn more about k8ssandra! This is very exciting to be here.

Hello! My name is Krishna V and I am a Software engineer.

I am evaluating/learning abt k8ssandra so that we can assess if this can be a solution for our fast storage layer.

I am eager to learn and also clear some hurdles i am facing while implementing this in our company’s aws k8 cluster.

hello, just learning about how to deploy cassandra here.

Hello I am Shivi want to learn and post questions about the K8ssandra