Introduce yourself

hi everyone, I’m Prakhar , I’m currently pursuing B.Tech CSE. Looking forward to learn and contribute to K8ssandra community

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Hello everyone. Hope you all are good. I am here to learn and engage :slight_smile:

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Hello Everyone, I’m Anubhav currently pursuing my Bachelors in Computer Science and Engineering. I’m an Open Source and Tech Enthusiast. Excited to be a part of the community, Looking forward to contribute to the community. :smiley: :raised_hands:

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Welcome new souls, glad to have you with us!

Hey everyone! I’m Abhishek, a geeky ambivert and a workaholic person who thinks sarcasm is seriously important. I’m a proficient android developer currently exploring web technologies and the cloud. Glad to be here!

Hello , I am Debdeep. I am an Architect at Unisys. I have been working, learning and developing solution in Telco space. I am transitioning to cloud and cloud-native technologies. I will be using Cassandra for building proof of concepts

Hello, I’m Keith…I’m working on building out a multi-regional implementation of Cassandra with K8ssandra and came here looking for some help with Medusa! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Hi everyone …
my name sonjaya from Indonesia , i use cassandra for dev and production and i hope i can more learning cassandra from expert hear .

Hello everyone!
I’m Daniel, from Spain, and we are evaluating k8ssandra to migrate from onprem to kubernetes.
This projects looks really good!

Hi everyone,

My name is Abhishek, and I’m working in an enterprise in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

We are looking to run a full fledged k8ssandra cluster on OpenShift version 4.7+.

Looking forward to interact with the community, and be a productive member.

Hi everyone,
My name is Louise, and I work at the Norwegian Meteorological institute. We are working towards using K8ssandra to store weather observations in a distributed database accessible by a GRPC API (along with a cockroach database to keep associated metadata). We run our solution on an in house Kubernetes cluster.

Hello Everyone

I am Samit Baghla. I am working with cassandra from last 7 years. I am working towards new technologies like K8ssandra and kubernetes.

Hey everyone
I am Stéphane Alleaume, from Toulouse in France, and I am here to learn and discuss more about Cassandra and k8ssandra of course. Kind regards

Hello all, I am a software developer working on supporting operator based applications in which K8ssandra is on of them.

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Hi, all. I’m Adriano Bonacin, from Brazil. I’m planning to jump into k8ssandra and came to see what you are doing. :smiley:

Hello everyone! I’m Oscar from the Netherlands. Currently implemented k8ssandra for a POC environment in a k8s cloud.

Hi, i’m cristian and i work as a kubernetes administrator. at this moment with my company we are looking for a great tool to install and manage cassandra and k8ssandra seems very good in that.
Hope to learn about it as much as possible and in future why not, give a contribution to the project.