How to deploy 2 cassandra clusters in same nodes? possible?


There is any way to deploy 2 or more multi-datacenter clusters with k8ssandra-operator??

I am trying to deploy 2 clusters of cassandra in Openshift(okd) in the same nodes. The cassandra cluster will be multi-datacenter.

The thing is that if you set: hostNetwork: true. The next cluster try to use the same host ports and it is in Pending state, I changed the host ports to others, but the port 8080 is hardcoded in the docker image of: cass-management-api and the pod doesn’t work. I could try to change the docker image…

If I set the hostNetwork: false, it says:

error": “endpoints "cassandra-cluster1-dc1-additional-seed-service" is forbidden: endpoint address 10.128.X.X is not allowed”

Because it doesn’t like a cluster internal IP for the pod, for be a “seed”.

Some idea to how to do it ??

Kind regards