How to deploy 2 cassandra clusters in same nodes? possible?


There is any way to deploy 2 or more multi-datacenter clusters with k8ssandra-operator??

I am trying to deploy 2 clusters of cassandra in Openshift(okd) in the same nodes. The cassandra cluster will be multi-datacenter.

The thing is that if you set: hostNetwork: true. The next cluster try to use the same host ports and it is in Pending state, I changed the host ports to others, but the port 8080 is hardcoded in the docker image of: cass-management-api and the pod doesn’t work. I could try to change the docker image…

If I set the hostNetwork: false, it says:

error": “endpoints "cassandra-cluster1-dc1-additional-seed-service" is forbidden: endpoint address 10.128.X.X is not allowed”

Because it doesn’t like a cluster internal IP for the pod, for be a “seed”.

Some idea to how to do it ??

Kind regards

Use routable Pod IPs in the cluster, so that you wouldn’t face the port issue. Calico CNI does provide the routable pod ips. I hope it will help.