Control plane and data plane in same kubernetes

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Is it possible to have control plane and data plane in the two different namespaces of the same cluster…
If so, could you guys help me whether it is possible or not.

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Hi @Ajith_Palani, you can create a single control plane installation of K8ssandra-operator (which will be deployed in the k8ssandra-operator for example) and then a multi DC cluster that will place each DC in a different namespace (k8ssandra-one and k8ssandra-two here):

kind: K8ssandraCluster
  name: test-cluster
  namespace: k8ssandra-operator
  auth: true
        - metadata:
            name: dc1
            namespace: k8ssandra-one
          size: 3
        - metadata:
            name: dc2
            namespace: k8ssandra-two
          size: 3

You’ll just need to create the K8ssandraCluster object in the k8ssandra-operator namespace so that the operator can pick it up.

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Thanks @alexander … Appreciate your reply!!

Hi @alexander ,
Is is possible to install k8ssandra operator without cert-manager operator…?
Does the k8ssandra operator has a strong dependency with cert-manager operator…?
Just curious about if we have an option having cassandra cluster without tls encryption …

cert-manager is required indeed, and it’s not used for TLS encryption, but for generating webhook certificates.

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Thanks @alexander …now it makes sense…

Hi @alexander
How to do the networking for pod to pod communication across multiple kubernetes cluster…?
Do you have any suggestion for that which can fit for production…?

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