Multi Kubernetes cluster networking

Hi Team,

How to have a cassandra pod to pod communication between multiple clusters…?
Is there any efficient solution which tackles this one…?
It would be awesome if we have any blog post regarding this.


Hi @Ajith_Palani,

it depends exclusively on the CNI you’re using, so we cannot really write a blog post on this. It’s considered external to K8ssandra’s sphere of influence, it’s a pre-req.
You can check this blog post and specifically the “Routable pod IPs in Kubernetes” section which touches that subject.
I recommend to check your CNI documentation to see how you can get routable pod IPs or change CNI if yours won’t cut it.
There could be some networking changes to do as well. In AWS for example, you’ll need to create VPC peering and add routes to connect your EKS clusters from different regions together. That supposes you don’t have a conflict between the ip ranges of your different VPCs.

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Thanks @alexander!!! The blog post helps…
can we use service mesh like istio…?
what your thoughts on it…?

We haven’t tested the use of a service mesh with K8ssandra. I think it shouldn’t be necessary to get routable pod IPs though, which is what your CNI should provide.

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Thanks @alexander…Appreciate the time for replying!!!