Webhook pod missing hostNetwork setting

Hi everybody,

We are trying to deploy the k8ssandra operator to EKS using Calico CNI, the operator is deployed successfully, but we are looking to deploy the webhook pods into the host network, but I cannot find a way to do it.

We are getting the error below, I know the solution is to deploy using the hostNetwork: true, but I cannot find a way of setting that value:

Error: UPGRADE FAILED: failed to create resource: Internal error occurred: failed calling webhook "vk8ssandracluster.kb.io": failed to call webhook: Post "https://k8ssandra-operator-webhook-service.k8ssandra-operator.svc:443/validate-k8ssandra-io-v1alpha1-k8ssandracluster?timeout=10s": Address is not allowed

I had similar issue with webhook installation on private GCP GKE cluster. You might want to investigate you internal firewall rules to see if port 9443 is open internally inside cluster - See Unable to create a cluster in GKE

The issue is that we need to add hostNetwork: true in the Deployment template, URL: Deployment Template

It’s known issue when using a custom CNI.

I managed to add hostNetwork: true using Kustomize, now the operator is working.