K8ssandra operator

This is more of a general Q&A on K8ssandra in the current 1.x format


  1. Deployed K8ssandra and able to operate in EKS
  2. Read thru the 3 part article with John Sanda and Jeff DiNoto on the need for K8ssandra-operator

The current (main branch) K8ssandra chart is dependant on cass-operator, k8ssandra-common, reaper-operator, medusa-operator and kube-prometheus-stack

Since I see the K8ssandra-operator along with the code base, is it merely dormant sitting out in master branch and waiting for 2.x rollout?

If not, can I use the K8ssandra operator in the 1.x version?

In specific I want to use the hostNetwork property? To use this should I wait for 2.x rollout ?

Hey @brickpattern

Sorry for the very late reply. At this point it would be good to look at switching over to the operator. We are working on docs including info around migrations. With that said, if you open to working on a PR for making the host networking property configurable in 1.x, I would be more than happy to help you with it and shepherd it through :slight_smile: