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K8ssandra operator

This is more of a general Q&A on K8ssandra in the current 1.x format


  1. Deployed K8ssandra and able to operate in EKS
  2. Read thru the 3 part article with John Sanda and Jeff DiNoto on the need for K8ssandra-operator

The current (main branch) K8ssandra chart is dependant on cass-operator, k8ssandra-common, reaper-operator, medusa-operator and kube-prometheus-stack

Since I see the K8ssandra-operator along with the code base, is it merely dormant sitting out in master branch and waiting for 2.x rollout?

If not, can I use the K8ssandra operator in the 1.x version?

In specific I want to use the hostNetwork property? To use this should I wait for 2.x rollout ?