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Design Documents

We’ve got a lot of big ideas for K8ssandra, we want to share and discuss those ideas and we want your ideas as well!

To get there, we’re looking at ways to share those big ideas and their corresponding design proposals. We want to make sure that we make those documents accessible and easy to generate conversations and feedback on.

With that goal in mind, we’d love to hear ideas about how to best deliver this to the community? Is there another project that you’ve seen that does this really well? Would you expect to see these docs in-tree in the k8ssandara/k8ssandra repo or would you expect them to be in a separate repo exclusively for these design/enhancement proposals?

Let us know what you think.



I like the idea of posting drafts on Google Docs because it makes it easy for every one else to do in-line comments directly on the document.

I think it would also be ideal if the links to the GDocs are posted here then eventually converted into PDF when finalised. Cheers!