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Transparent data encryption

I was asked this question earlier today:

Is it possible to have the Transparent data encryption feature in k8ssandra?

Transparent data encryption (TDE) is an enterprise feature only available in DSE.

It isn’t available in the open-source version of Apache Cassandra which is what K8ssandra is built on. Cheers!

Is DSE compatible with k8ssandra?

I’d like to make a PoC of Transparent Data Encryption on k8ssandra. What are the necessary steps?

Hi @Tri

Can you provide a short summary of what changes/features exactly you would like to add in k8ssandra for TDE? I ask partly because I am not familiar with TDE.



Not sure what is going on with the forum. I can’t post a link (Sorry, you can’t include links in your posts). Can you please lookup on the web for this page:

DataStax 6.8 Security Guide: About Transparent Data Encryption:

https://docs.datastax.com/en/security/6.8/security/secEncryptEnable.html is the direct link to Transparent Data Encryption that is available as an Enterprise-only feature as part of DataStax Enterprise (DSE).

I have already briefly looked at those docs. I asked for more details on specifically what you are proposing since this involves functionality that is not in Cassandra as pointed out by @ErickRamirez. Depending on what you have in mind, some of the PoC might be in the Cassandra project.