Table limitation per cluster

Hi All,

currently per cluster limit is 200 how to deal with it and how to scale cluster and tables?
what should be the approach and model to scale cluster and tables?

can someone pls help

There is no table limit as I’ve explained in Does the table limit still apply in Cassandra?.

200 is our general recommendation for optimum performance of your cluster and application. Details are in the post above. Cheers!

Thank you Eric for replying.
I want to know how to scale and still have better performance because as soon as number of tables hits beyond 200 - performance is slower

Looking forward to your response

Hi @sbhatt3,

There’s no workaround for this, and if you need to create a lot of tables you will have to suffer their impact. I’ve listed most of them in this blog post.

If it is possible, I would suggest splitting your cluster into multiple ones so that you reduce the number of tables per cluster.