Restarting cass-operator doesn't restart the statefulset

Hi, i am testing k8ssandra-operator 1.5.2 and I have noticed that when I restart cass-operator (v1.14.0) or k8ssandra-operator(v1.5.2) the statefulset doesn’t restart however in k8ssandra v1 when I restart the cass-operator(v1.10.4) then pods under statefulset also gets restarted.

Is it expected behavior with the new operator?

Yes, we don’t want the statefulsets to roll restart each time we upgrade or restart the operators.
I’m not sure why that happened in K8ssandra v1, but in k8ssandra-operator rolling restarts only happen during upgrades that modify the pod template spec or when they are forcefully requested through a CassandraTask.

Ok great, thank you for the quick response.