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Reaper-operator failing to register reaper service on openshift

Hey guys,

I’m facing a problem successfully registering reaper-service by the reaper-operator on openshift k8ssandra helm deployment. Rest of the components are working well.

This looks like an RBAC issue. However I’m not sure the specifics of the apiGroup that needs changing.

Can anyone help?

Details are as follows -

k8ssandra chart version

openshift/k8s version

oc version 
Client Version: 4.7.0-0.okd-2021-02-25-144700
Server Version: 4.7.34
Kubernetes Version: v1.20.0+bbbc079

helm version
version.BuildInfo{Version:"v3.5.2", GitCommit:"167aac70832d3a384f65f9745335e9fb40169dc2", GitTreeState:"dirty", GoVersion:"go1.15.7

k8ssandra-reaper-operator logs

oc logs k8ssandra-sb01-reaper-operator-58b989c67c-f9bhv
{“namespace”: “k8ssandra-test”, “name”: “k8ssandra-sb01-reaper-reaper-service”}}
2021-10-29T00:32:09.463Z INFO controllers.Reaper creating service {“reaper”: “k8ssandra-test/k8ssandra-sb01-reaper”, “service”: {“namespace”: “k8ssandra-test”, “name”: “k8ssandra-sb01-reaper-reaper-service”}}

2021-10-29T00:32:09.496Z ERROR controllers.Reaper failed to create service {“reaper”: “k8ssandra-test/k8ssandra-sb01-reaper”, “service”: {“namespace”: “k8ssandra-test”, “name”: “k8ssandra-sb01-reaper-reaper-service”}, “error”: "services “k8ssandra-sb01-reaper-reaper-service” is forbidden: cannot set blockOwnerDeletion if an ownerReference refers to a resource you can’t set finalizers on: , "}