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Querying an array using stargate document api


My document in Cassandra is

    "id": "1234",
    "vowels": "aeu",
    "new": [

I am using Stargate Document API, query documents that has alpha value as xyz . I am trying to query using the where clause where={"alpha.[*]":{"$eq":"xyz"}} . This does not work and returns empty data. Is there a way to search using the Stargate Document API for arrays

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This is a bug. Please refer to Querying an array content in Cassandra using Stargate Document API - Stack Overflow

Hello, @Debdeep_Das . You might not have seen my reply to your SO post about 3 hours ago but I’ve discussed the issue with the Stargate devs (@dwettlaufer + Eric) and logged ticket 1247 on your behalf. Cheers!

Thank you Eric. Since I raised the question in multiple places, I thought it would nice that I appraise the group, so that others don’t spend time on it. Kindly advise if this is appropriate as I am new to this forum

Yes, this is a good place to raise it. But just so you know, we monitor anywhere and everywhere as you would have noticed so it’s OK. We appreciate that you’ve brought it to our attention. :+1: