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Medusa now supports MinIO as a storage backend for backups

K8ssandra includes Medusa for performing backups and restores of Cassandra clusters.

Alexander Dejanovski announced earlier this month the addition of the popular k8s-native MinIO to Medusa’s ever-growing list of supported storage backends for archiving Cassandra snapshots to S3-compatible object stores.

Setting up MinIO couldn’t be simpler – it’s really as easy as 1-2-3!

STEP 1 - Add the MinIO repo to your list:

$ helm repo add minio https://helm.min.io/

STEP 2 - Install MinIO, set the creds and create a bucket all in one command:

$ helm install --set accessKey=minio_key,secretKey=minio_secret,defaultBucket.enabled=true,defaultBucket.name=k8ssandra-medusa minio minio/minio -n minio --create-namespace

STEP 3 - Expose access to the UI with port forwarding:

$ kubectl port-forward service/minio 9000 -n minio

And BOOM! :fireworks: You’re now ready to access the MinIO web interface on http://localhost:9000. :muscle:

For the full details, see Alexander’s blog post:

If that’s not enough, watch Alexander walkthrough the process here:

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