CRDUpgrader failure on upgrade to 1.5.0

I have a GKE cluster that I have k8ssandra-operator 1.4.1 running in. The cluster has limited(-ish) connectivity (custom image repo, limited access to the internet, etc… ). Thus I need to pull images into our repo to properly deploy. This worked fairly flawlessly with 1.4.1 on a fresh install, but I’m failing to get K8ssandra-operator upgraded to 1.5.0. The job.batch/platops-k8ssandra-operator-crd-upgrader-job-k8ssandra pods fail with the following message:

flag provided but not defined: -chartName
Usage of /k8ssandra-client:
//usage output

This makes me think that I need an update to k8ssandra-tools image, but the latest “real” tag is 1.5.2 (what I’m using). The rest appear to be development tags along with “latest”. Obviously latest would be the most recent, but is there a list of “official” image requirements for all of the interrelated components for k8ssandra-operator? Surely “latest” isn’t the right tag…that would make tracking versions pretty impossible, I would think.

I’m going to test with latest, but honestly I don’t see that as a viable solution, since that would invalidate any tag version control. I seem to recall an issue being raised in github about k8ssandra-tools using “latest”, but I can’t seem to locate that issue now.

Any hit with a cluestick is appreciated if I’m missing something obvious.


the image used for the crd upgrader is indeed
My best guess is that this was done to allow fixing the CRD upgrader (which doesn’t change that much at all) without requiring a new Helm release for k8ssandra-operator.
I agree we should have proper versions referenced in releases and relying on a latest tag isn’t a great solution.
Would you mind creating a ticket in the GH project so that we can track this issue?

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I’ve submitted a bug here k8ssandra-tools uses "latest" tag, which makes tracking version impossible. · Issue #883 · k8ssandra/k8ssandra-operator · GitHub and I’ll be testing with k8ssandra-tools:latest to ensure there’s not something else I’m doing wrong (haha) in the interim.


As a followup, the error noted in my first post is indeed resolved by using :latest for k8ssandra-tools.