Clone of Cassandra cluster to same K8s cluster fails due to SYSTEM.peers

Note: I am doing this clone to same Kubernetes cluster but to different namespace.

As part of my attempt to clone Cassandra Cluster, I will make the clone of volumes from original Cassandra Cluster pods available/mounted into the new Cassandra cluster nodes(pods). But during the initialization, the new cluster node tries to load the peers info from the SYSTEM table in the database. Since the data is cloned from original Cassandra cluster this peers info is not valid for the new Cassandra cluster being created. But all the pods in a K8s cluster are in same broadcast domain so the new Cassandra cluster can still reach the original Cassandra cluster nodes and this causes the new Cassandra cluster to take over the original clusters nodes.

Is there a way to not initialize the peers from SYSTEM.peers for the first time launch? Or a field in the cassdc custome resource to reset it? Or a way to not store the peer info in database?